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TEENS WITH TOTS is a Comprehensive Program of Support and Child Care for Teen Parents and their Children.

TEENS WITH TOTS (TWT) offers support services and child care services to thirteen teen parents and their children. Support services are provided by a mental health clinician and include bi-weekly psycho-educational support groups, monthly parent child activity sessions, and weekly or bi-weekly individual counseling.

TEENS WITH TOTS offers family or center based child care services to the teen’s children to support their efforts to continue their education and/or employment. Children can enroll in one of our Cole-Harrington’s Family Child Care System’s family child care homes located in towns in the Bristol, Norfolk or Plymouth counties, our Infant Toddler Enrichment Program, Preschool Enrichment Program or the Children’s Place, all located in Canton.

The age of the child, proximity to child care program and parents’ preferences are factors considered when choosing a particular child care program.


TWT’s psycho-educational groups cover a variety of topics, such as balancing school, work and family, money management, family planning, nutrition education, domestic violence, substance abuse prevention and parent education. Parent child activity sessions are led by an early childhood educator and are designed to support healthy parent child interactions for children’s optimal growth and development. Individual counseling sessions are structured to support each teen’s specific developmental needs for growth and well-being.