Parent Goals 


Conferences are scheduled in the fall to discuss children’s adjustment to the program and set goals for the initial few months of care. Subsequent conferences are held to share our observations of children’s development and progress in curriculum areas. Program goals for the children and staff are reviewed and discussed with parents at conferences. Parents receive a copy of the progress report at each conference. At any point during the year parents can request an additional conference. Conferences can be held before, during or after school hours with sufficient notice.


Most Cole-Harrington classrooms have phone messaging available for teachers. Please make sure to obtain your child’s teacher’s phone number and extension at the time of enrollment. E-mail communication is also an option. Parents should let their program coordinator and/or child’s teacher know the best times to call or e-mail for general communication and best times to meet for parent/teacher conferences.


Each spring parents receive a Parent Satisfaction Survey. We look
forward to parents’ feedback so we can learn about children and families’
experiences at Cole-Harrington. Any program
changes made based upon parents’ feedback will
be shared in a program newsletter and discussed
with program administration.



Prior to the child’s first day, individual parent-child visits to the classroom are scheduled to meet teachers, learn about the program, discuss issues about children’s transition into the program, and complete required forms. This is also an opportunity for parents to share information about their child and family and goals they have for their child.


We encourage parents to share their talents and interests and help out on special program events after the first 6-8 weeks of their child’s enrollment. This initial period gives children the opportunity to adjust to the program routine, manage the separation from their parents and become an active member of the class as well as make meaningful connections to their teachers and peers.


An Open House/Parent Orientation meeting is scheduled in October for parents to visit the classroom and learn more about the curriculum provided to the children. Additional parent meetings/gatherings may be held during the year depending upon the specific Cole-Harrington center. Please see your program’s program newsletters for scheduled parent and parent/child events held during the year.