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naeycCole-Harrington’s Kindergarten Enrichment curriculum meets the Massachusetts Department of Education Standards as specified in the Curriculum Frameworks. The kindergarten program is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

The Kindergarten Enrichment Center is a Half or Full Day Program for Children Aged 4.5 to 6 Years of Age.


The daily program has been designed to provide children with a balance of small and large group activities, indoor and outdoor play, structured and unstructured play, and child-initiated and teacher directed activities. The classroom environment is divided into twelve different interest areas including math center, library, writing area, literacy area, art centers, computers, blocks, small building area, dramatic play, games, science, and a cooking corner.

The daily routine includes choice time, large group time, outdoor play, small group time, and a language enrichment activity.

The teacher’s role is to provide stimulating classroom materials in each of the interest areas, support children’s interactions with the materials and with each other, and to encourage their understanding of new concepts.












The program coordinator has been with the program since its inception and is committed to creating an inclusive environment that supports children’s social-emotional development while challenging them to attain new academic skills in preparation for public school. Each classroom is staffed with two Department of Education certified early childhood educators and an EEC licensed assistant teacher. The program is committed to providing young children with the support, guidance and stimulation they need. It maintains a 1:7 teacher/child ratio.