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  Infant Play (Birth to 9 Months)
  Oh, That Picky Eater
  School Age Children – The Five Year Old
  School Age Children – The Six Year Old
  School Age Children – The Seven Year Old
  Self-Control for Young Children
  Understanding Your Child’s Personality: A Summary of “Your Child Is A Person”
  What’s All This Talk About Inclusion?
  A Note from Cole-Harrington’s School Age Enrichment Program
  Bedtime Blues
  Clear Directions: The Key to Cooperation
  Conflict Resolution: Empowering Children to Make Peace — Part 1
  Conflict Resolution: Empowering Children to Make Peace — Part 2
  Discipline Dilemmas
  Here Comes Baby
  Incorporating Behavior Strategies to Promote Positive Outcomes
in Your Child’s Life
  Kids Need A Break, Too!
  Mama Bear
  “NO” Is Not Such A Bad Word
  Nonverbal Communication: Can It Enhance The Parent–Child Relationship?
  Oh, Those “Terrible Two’s”: Tantrum Tactics for Parents
  Sibling Rivalry: Has It Invaded Your Home?
  Tantrums: Making the Best of an Emotional Situation
  Teaching Children How To Be In Control
  The Importance of Setting Schedules and Routines in Your Child’s Life
  The Middle of the Night Waker
  Walls Have Ears
  Assessing the Need for Intervention for your Pre–Schooler
  Battling Bullying
  Children’s Fears
  Dealing With “I Hate You !”
  Fostering Self–Esteem —1
  Fostering Self–Esteem —2
  Healthy Ways to Express Anger
  How to Detect Red Flags for Your Child’s Mental Health
  Promoting Resiliency in Children
  The Misunderstood Child
  The Value of Acceptance

What Do Clinical Social Workers Do?

  Who Does My Child Play With?
Art Activities
  Beautiful Bubble Prints
  Bubble Wrap Prints
  Developing An Artistic Language
  Fun with Socks
  High Scope
  Homemade Stickers Curriculum
  Kitchen Clay
  Kool Aid Playdough
  Let’s Get Messy
  Magnetic Marble Maze
  Nutty Putty
Children’s Literature   
Recommended Preschool Reading
  Review of Preschool Literature
  Using Literature to Support Children
Programs for Individual Learning Styles
  Using Computers in Preschool Curriculum
Amazing Pretzel Bones
  Breads from Other Lands
  Cake Cones Cooking
  Colored Ice Cubes
  Cooking Activities for Preschoolers
  Dinosaur Delight
  Pumpkin Power
Reading, Writing, Your Child and Your Thoughts on Language Arts
Reinforcing Math Concepts
  Winter Math
Just Sing: Reasons to Sing to Infants and Toddlers
  Musical Shakers
Outdoor Activities   
Fun in the Snow
  Outdoor Activities
  Turn Winter Woes into Winter Wows!
Pretend Play
Activities to Support Children’s Interest in Reading
  Infant and Toddler – Ready, Set, Read
  Reading to Children
School Age   
Responsive School Age Curriculum
  Experiencing Art
Sugar Cube Science
  Sweet Potato Plant
  Watch the Milk Erupt
Toddler Activities   
Toddler Activities
The A-B-C’s of Inexpensive Home Fun
  Conflict Resolution
  Easing The Stress of a Family Summer Vacation!
  Eating Out With Children Can Be Fun
  Family Time
  Family Traditions
  Fun in the Sun
  Go Ask Parents
  How to Find a Good Babysitter; Once You Do, How Do You Keep Them?
  Maybe Not All Is Lost
  Perspectives Influence
  Prepare Your Child for Summer
  Reading and Relaxing on Long, Cold Nights
  Saying Goodbye; Is it Harder for You or Your Child?
  Summer Fun in Your Backyard
  Sustained Attention — Diversity
  The Giving Jar
  “Time Out” for Family Fun
  What Type of Parent Are You?
  GO ASK LINDA Arcticles:
  Child Abuse
  Child Management (Three is not Company)
  Child Management (Terrible Three’s?)
  Children Interrupting Parent Phone Calls
  Children’s Temperament (Challenging Child)
  Children’s Temperament (Stress-free Outings)
  Managing Bedtime (Article 1)
  Managing Bedtime (Article 2)
  Overcoming Fears
  Starting Preschool
  Super Hero Play
  Teaching Children to Read
  Toilet Training
  Transitioning Home at the End of the Day (Article 1)
  Transitioning Home at the End of the Day (Article 2)
  Transitioning Home at the End of the Day (Article 3)
  Understanding Differences
  101 Ways to Relieve Stress
  A Checklist for Childproofing
  About Allergies
  Are Doctors Changing the Way They Treat Ear Infections?
  Baby Proofing Your Home When, Where and How
  Baby Safety Tips
  Back In the Swing
  Cold Trivia
  Demystifying Head Lice
  Dental Care for Infants & Toddlers When Does it Begin?
  Do Cold Medications Really Help Preschoolers?
  Exploring the Great Outdoors
  Feeding Positive
  Food for Thought
  Fueling Up!
  Germs, Colds, Flu ...Oh My!
  Health Update: 3 Simple Tips for Healthier Families
  Health Update: Colds and Flu
  Health Update: Fun In the Sun
  Helping Children Make Healthy Food Choices
  How Much Sleep Does My School Age Child Need
  How to Fit Fitness into Your Busy Day
  How to Have Safe Winter Adventures
  Keeping Sleep Time Safe for Babies
  Keeping Your Child Safe
  Kids Need To Exercise
  Oh, That Picky Eater
  Picky Eaters
  Safe Riding Habits Start Early
  Safe Sun Tips
  Safety Awareness
  SIDS: Are we well informed?
  Starting Early: Eating Healthy
  Summer Fun with School Age Kids
  Summertime, and the Eating Can be Easy
  Teething Gel Update
  The Apple Question
  The Importance of Outdoor Play for Children
  The Winter Invasion
  Tips for Weaning Baby: From Bottle to Cup
  Toilet Training — A Nightmare or a Dream Come True
  Using “Tylenol” With Children
  TEEN PARENTS Articles:
  Baby’s Watching TV
  Boyfriend Smokes
  Dating Violence
  Feeling Depressed
  Relationship Problem
  Resources for Low Cost Activities
  Routines for Toddlers
  Teen Fathers Getting Involved
  Teen Parent Budgeting
  Teen Parents — Children’s Fears
  Teen Parents — Dieting
  Teen Parents — Emotional Adjustment
  Teen Parents — Living With Their Own Parents
  Underage Drinking
  Weight Management



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