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The PreKindergarten Enrichment Center is an educational childcare center for Children Aged 3.6 to 6 Years of Age.

The Cole-Harrington PreKindergarten Enrichment Center is an educational childcare center for Children Aged 3.6 to 6 Years of Age. The center offers a preschool, prekindergarten and private kindergarten option of care.

The program consists of three large classrooms in our own building on the grounds of the Galvin Middle School in Canton. Class size ranges from 18−20 children. The program operates form 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday-Friday.


The program utilizes the High Scope cognitively oriented curriculum and elements of the Montessori philosophy and follows the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care’s Preschool Frameworks. The daily curriculum is designed to meet children’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical needs and includes:

Outdoor Time − children play on our beautifully designed playground. They will find opportunities to run, climb, swing, slide, ride bikes and play ball.

Free Play − children become involved in various classroom areas including: sand and water table, library, writing area, literacy area, art, technology, blocks, dramatic play, games, science, gross motor, and play dough/clay area.

Small Group − children participate in teacher planned activities such as cooking, science observations and experiments, storytelling, language, literacy and math games, large and small motor activities, social studies, dramatic play, art and music.

Plan, Do, Review Time − children plan where they want to play, what they want to do and the materials they will need to complete their planned activity. After they “do” their activity, they reflect and review their success with others. The emphasis is placed on recalling events and listening to one another.

Large Group Time − where children participate in literature based or music activities.

Children’s current interest in acquiring academic skills is supported and enriched through all of these activities. The materials and equipment used to implement the curriculum reflect the lives of children and families we serve and also reflect diversity found in today’s society. The materials encourage exploration, experimentation and discovery.


naeycThe program is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).