Opportunities with Cole-Harrington Children's Center

Cole-Harrington seeks to employ teachers who have education and training in the field of early childhood education. Experienced early childhood educators will be welcomed into our programs and find diverse and engaged colleagues with whom to collaborate towards the goal of providing a quality educational childcare experience for children from a variety of cultural and economic backgrounds. Our experienced, highly professional staff will provide mentoring and coaching to support potential candidates who are entering the field and/or have limited work experience in the field.

We employ aides and assistant teachers who have had or are willing to engage in specific professional development trainings and workshops towards the goal of obtaining state or national certifications.

We employ assistant group leaders and group leaders to work in our school age enrichment program. Candidates for these positions typically are in college or have obtained their degrees in related fields.

If you are interested in working in one of our centers, please contact the program director/program coordinator on the Contact Us page.